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Interaction Pros Limited China Forex Expo is back on May 18thth After a huge success of the 6th China Forex Expo with форекс экспо massive turnout of over 6, potential partners and high-end clients and over 50, hits and reviews of the live streaming of the conference, China Forex Expo is back again for all industry players to probe deeply into the Форекс экспо forex market.

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It is a two-day event for traders, investors, affiliates, IBs, fintech companies and brokers from across China and the world. Moreover, chinese unique cultural background makes it hard for overseas brokerage firms to maintain healthy relationship with clients and sometimes they even have no clue about how to enter the market, given several incidents that European-based brokers were physically threatened by angry investors.

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Thus, offline events and interaction become a must-attend for those planning to expand their clientele in China. What does Chinese think of cryptocurrencies? Is blockchain technology that good as it claims?

форекс экспо

The 7th China Forex Expo is an excellent place for you to network, to share your insights, and to unlock the secrets of doing business in Форекс экспо.

We have exhibition space for brokers and providers to promote their форекс экспо and services and socialize, форекс экспо lectures and panel discussions for audience to learn and interact with speakers, coffee zone and форекс экспо zone for everyone to snatch a little leisure from a busy day.

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